In spite of a struggling economy, SiGe Semiconductor announced an outstanding year for 2008, with more than 120 million units shipped and revenue growth of more than 40 percent over 2007. The firm expects to report revenue of about $90 million US dollars. According to the company's Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Sohail Khan, "This is the fifth consecutive year that SiGe Semiconductor has achieved annual revenue growth of more than 40 percent. We have increased our leadership position in the wireless LAN and WiMAX markets due, in large part, to our innovative solutions and outstanding customer and technical support."

Although the coming year poses many questions for high-frequency-electronics companies, Khan expresses great confidence in SiGe Semiconductor going forward: "Despite the current economic climate, we see significant opportunities in 2009, and plan to continue to expand our market influence and product portfolio to meet increased global demand for wireless multimedia solutions by consumer electronics manufacturers."

SiGe Semiconductor (