A 6-b digital attenuator has been developed for controlling signals levels in broadband circuits and systems. Available in chip form as model MAAD-011021-DIE or in a 3-mm PQFN surface-mount package as model MACOM digital attenuatorMAAD-011021, the attenuator operates from DC to 40 GHz in chip form and from DC to 30 GHz in the package. It is suitable for commercial military radios, radar systems, satellite-communications (satcom) systems, and test equipment. It provides as much as 31.5-dB attenuation in 0.5-dB steps with typically less than ±0.5-dB attenuation bit error. The digital attenuator integrates TTL digital control and is fully matched across the bandwidth of operation, offering switching speed of typically 45 ns with 4-deg. or less phase variations across the bandwidth.

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