The Grenoble, France, facilities of e2v Semiconductors has earned the official MIL-PRF-30535 Class V (QMLV) certification. The QMLV certification, the highest standard of quality and reliability for aerospace-grade microelectronic circuits and ICs, defines the general requirements, quality assurance, and reliability requirements for manufacturers of microelectronic products and ICs used in military and high-reliability applications. By receiving the QMLV certification, the e2v facilities have passed all applicable requirements for space-level products.

Regarding the award, Laurent Monge, vice president of semiconductors, noted, “e2v is committed to providing high-reliability and superior-performance products for the aerospace market, and receiving our QMLV certification underpins our dedication to achieve this. We are delighted to have met and passed the criteria and performances required and plan to list our QMLV-rated products in the near future.”