Microsemi Corp. has received the Category 1A Trusted Design, Test, and Broker accreditation from the Defense Microelectronics Activity organization, the program manager for the trusted-products program. This completion of Category 1A MicrosemiTrusted accreditation ensures that Microsemi can deliver trusted integrated-circuit (IC) solutions for critical applications as outlined in U.S. Department of Defense policy (DODI 5200.44). DODI 5200.44 policy defines protection of mission-critical components within applicable systems by requiring all custom IC-related products be procured from a trusted supplier.

According to Amr El-Ashmawi, vice president of corporate marketing for Microsemi, this accreditation strengthens the company’s position with such sensitive customers. “This accreditation further solidifies Microsemi’s position as one of a few companies committed to providing the defense and security markets with trusted products,” he said. “With concerns about supply-chain assurance and the need to expand the trusted USG offerings, Microsemi is well positioned as a company to further expand the access to trusted solutions.” The accreditation ensures that a U.S.-based supplier is available for mixed-signal semiconductors such as application-specific ICs and field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) for critical system applications.