Curtiss-Wright Controls has received a contract from BAE Systems to provide lifecycle management services for the Bradley Fighting Vehicle and its Turret Drive Control Unit (TDCU). Under the terms of the contract, Curtiss-Wright Controls’ Defense Solutions business group will supply an obsolescence-free upgraded version of the Tech Data Pack (TDP) used in the TDCU.

The initial contract is valued at $300,000. It covers the development phase of the program for the new TDP and is scheduled to last through early 2014. The production phase of the program is scheduled to continue through 2015, but may be accelerated. The contract, part of an obsolescence mitigation upgrade program for the Bradley’s TDCU, may expand to as much as $20 million once full production begins.

Of working with BAE Systems, Tom Quinly, President of Curtiss-Wright Controls, explains: “Curtiss-Wright has a long, successful history as a manufacturing partner for BAE Systems. We are proud to have been selected to provide our industry-leading lifecycle support services to extend and maintain longevity of the Bradley Fighting Vehicle. We look forward to growing our partnership with BAE Systems as a supplier of choice for highly engineered system solutions.” He adds: “Under BAE Systems’ TDCU II production program, Curtiss-Wright has produced over 1000 TDCU Units for the Bradley. Our turret and fire control expertise, proven over three decades as a successful Bradley electronics vendor, enabled us to offer BAE Systems a low-risk,fully compliant TDCU redesign program.”

As part of the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, the TDCU controls the drive and stability of the vehicle’s turret system, enabling it to strike targets accurately while on the move. Under the agreement, Curtiss-Wright will identify and replace end-of-life or obsolete electronic devices in the legacy TDP; the firm willupgrade the unit’s three-module card set with long-lifecycle components and a lifecycle management plan that will significantly extend the life of the Bradley. For more than25 years, Curtiss-Wright has supported continuous production of ship sets for the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, consistently achieving the status of BAE Systems Preferred Supplier.