The AllClear® handheld screener is now capable of detecting a wide range of different materials on a person’s body, including metal, ceramics, plastics, liquids, gels, powders, and paper, by applying patented passive millimeter-wave technology. Unveiled at the recent 59th Annual ASIS International trade show (Chicago), the AllClear handheld screener developed by Microsemi Corp. incorporates a metal detector that can also identify those other materials.

Suitable for security and loss prevention applications, the battery-powered screener operates by detecting extremely small changes in naturally produced millimeter waves caused by objects concealed on the body.It works without emitting high-frequency radiation and without producing an image. This allows operators to detect concealed objects without revealing anatomical details, to maintain the privacy of the scanned individual. The detector reads differences in energy levels between a human body and emissions from objects on a body, for rapid detection of concealed objects, such as weapons.

According to David Hall, Vice President and General Manager of Microsemi’s RF Integrated Solutions group: “Microsemi’s patented passive millimeter technology is a safe and effective alternative to radiation-based screeners and protects the privacy of people being screened. It allows the operator to detect a far broader range of objects than conventional metal detectors, including non-metallic contraband such as narcotics, plastic explosives, electronics, and more.” The scanner is useful for commercial warehouse scanning, for screening at military and government checkpoints, and for high-security checkpoints, such as nuclear facilities and chemical plants.