The Intelligent Platforms business group of General Electric has announced a high-density switched-mezzanine-card (XMC) interface for use with many single-board computers (SBCs) in avionics and other applications. The firm’s RAR-XMC high-density XMC interface is available in a variety of configurations for use with the ARINC 429 and related protocols. The interface, which enables front and rear input/output (I/O) avionics applications with programmable transmit and receive channels, is supported by a host of software tools to shorten time to implementation. The RAR-XMC is designed for embedded use in avionics systems as well as in laboratory and simulator applications.

According to Dwayne Cripe, product manager at GE’s Intelligent Platforms business, “The RAR-XMC represents the next generation in avionics computing. The RAR-XMC specifically recognizes the way that engineers test, develop, and deploy avionics on modern computing hosts. Moreover, having the same firmware and API design for both front and conductively cooled rear I/O, the RAR-XMC application can be easily migrated from a development to a deployment environment.” The interface is available with as many as 16 transmit and 32 receive channels with software-programmable channels, so that the same interface card can be used for dynamic channel requirements.