Security scanners from Rohde & Schwarz will soon be essential tools for the German Federal Police Force, thanks to a major contract awarded to the firm by the German Federal Ministry of the Interior. The primary application for the 300 new R&S QPS200 security scanners will be for security at German airports. Terms of the contract will be fulfilled over a three-year period.

The scanners use millimeter-wave technology to automatically detect potentially dangerous objects hidden on a body or under clothing, whether they are rigid, flexible, fluid, metallic, or non-metallic. They operate at frequencies between 70 and 80 GHz and at extremely low, safe radiated power levels. The scan of a passenger or person is comfortable, requiring only milliseconds to complete. Privacy is maintained by means of a neutral graphical display. The scanners have been certified by the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) and thoroughly tested for suitability by the German Federal Police.