Raytheon Co. demonstrated the latest version of its formidable Griffin missile, the Griffin Block III, with several direct hits against static and moving targets. The Griffin missile’s new seeker adds enhanced electronics and signal processing for improved performance under challenging environmental conditions. The Griffin missile is 43 in. long, weighs 33 lbs., and carries a 13-lb. warhead. The missile is currently in production, and is expected to serve as the core weapon for current and future Griffin users.

Mike Jarrett, vice president of air warfare systems with Raytheon Missile Systems, notes that “the Griffin is already well known for its ability to destroy targets with pinpoint accuracy using an advanced GPS and semi-active laser guidance. The Griffin Block III introduces an improved semi-active laser seeker and a new Multi-Effects Warhead System that maximizes the weapon's lethality against a variety of targets.” Jarrett adds that “Block III’s enhancements will improve the warfighter’s ability to engage a broad set of static and fast-moving targets with assured confidence and greater performance.”

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