Radar Measurements Part 1:  A Framework for Understanding: Deriving the Radar Range Equation
This application note is the first in a series that delves into radar systems and the associated measurement challenges and solution. In this application note, we take a closer look at the mathematical foundation for all current trends and technologies in radar: the radar range equation. Download Now.

Radar Measurements Part 2: Defining the Pulsed Radar Signal and the Essential Measurements of Signal Power
A radar transmitter is often the most costly component in a system and can have the greatest effect on system performance. This application note, the second in the series, defines the nature of actual radar signals and describes practical ways to measure the power in those signals. Download Now.

Radar Measurements Part 3: Measuring the Characteristics of Pulsed Radar Signals
Extracting the frequency and timing characteristics of a pulsed signal opens the door to a deeper understanding of the transmitter performance. This application note, the third in the series, describes measurement alternatives that range from low-cost counters to full-featured spectrum and signal analyzers with a wealth of built-in capabilities and dedicated measurement applications for pulse analysis. Download Now.

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