Flexible test cables for use with microwave vector network analyzers (VNAs) are available for use from DC through 50 and 67 GHz. These durable cables provide repeatable frequency response in support of accurate measurements in test laboratories and on production lines. The cables exhibit VSWR of 1.30:1 at 50 GHz and 1.40:1 at 67 GHz with ±6° phase stability at 50 GHz and ±8° phase stability at 67 GHz. The cables are protected with braided stainless-steel armor and rated for more than 100,000 flexures, as well as more than 5,000 mating cycles, for 2.4- and 1.85-mm coaxial connectors.

Pasternack, 17802 Fitch, Irvine, CA 92614; (949) 261-1920

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