·2014 AD Symposium DVD contains 15 technical papers focused on general RF and microwave, satellite and terrestrial communications and radar and electronic warfare. Most paper presentations include extensive speaker notes and additional resources such as application notes, datasheets, technical overviews, demo videos and useful web links. Also included is archived symposium content from 2011.

·See it before you field it.  Create better phased-array radar systems.  Developing a phased-array radar system is challenging, especially when it involves an AESA configuration. Use of a comprehensive simulation platform solution offers engineers an effective strategy for attacking the challenges across the entire development chain when designing, verifying and testing phased-array radar systems. The app note, Overcoming the Challenges of Simulating Phased-Array Radar Systems, explores a solution that reduces design cycles, significantly reduces cost and allows you to simulate a multitude of scenario permutations before taking it to land, skies and seas.

·Looking for high-speed, short-range connections at millimeter-wave frequencies?  Get the COTS answer.  The app note, Measurement Considerations for Generating and Analyzing Millimeter- Wave Signals provides a survey of the COTS millimeter-frequency signal generation and analysis tools.  It covers the advantages and disadvantages of multiplication, upconversion, harmonic mixing and downconversion and suggested selection criteria that will help you choose the best solution for your requirements.

·Radar and Wireless signals bumping into each other can wreak havoc.   Mitigating interference prior to deployment requires astute troubleshooting and accurate testing.  The app note, A Flexible Testbed to Evaluate Potential Co-Existence Issues Between Radar and Wireless --  shows three case studies examining radar and LTE, GSM, EDGE, WCDMA signals, radar and 802.11ac WLAN signals, and co-existence and collision of radar and LTE signals using EVM and BER measurements.

·Ensure Successful Development of Modern Radar and Electronic Warfare Systems.  The app note, Using a Model-Based Platform to Quickly and Effectively Test Radar and Electronic Warfare Systems shows how to gain access to a true design-oriented value proposition, to shorten the development cycle – saving time and money by minimizing field tests.

·Agilent Radar Measurements - starts with a brief review of radar basics then focuses on the fundamentals of measuring basic pulsed radars. It takes a look at adaptations of certain measurements for more complex or modulated pulsed-radar systems and emphasizes the measurement of radar signals for transmitter testing.

·Agilent Radar, EW & ELINT Testing: Identifying Common Test Challenges - discusses signal generation and the characterization of radar receivers and electronic countermeasure (ECM) systems.


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